mg 4345peter Over the course of my career as a photographer in Toronto; advertising agencies, multinational corporations, fortune 500 companies, federal and provincial government agencies, financial corporations, public relation firms, banks, design firms, law offices, business publications, fashion publications, travel publications and individual clients have successfully used my photographic services for business executive portraits, business and corporate communications, advertising, branding campaigns, website content, image libraries, corporate annual reports, public relations, corporate events coverage, lifestyle portraits, travel and tourism, business headshots, beauty headshots for models, fashion editorial, business editorial, travel editorial and beauty advertising.

One of the many things I have learned as a photographer in Toronto over the years is that it requires more than receiving payment to be a professional photographer; being a professional photographer is an accumulation of experience that is gained through man hours working in the field then knowing what to do with that experience. Learning how to adapt to varying situations, offering excellent customer service and being a confident and comfortable problem solver are just a few of the reasons why I have stayed in business as a full time professional photographer for as long as I have.

When photographing business people or models for either advertising, business, editorial, corporate, fashion, beauty or travel one of my goals as a photographer is to create a relaxed and realistic image that tells a story and shows the persons personality and uniqueness. For the most part the look of my photography is clean and uncomplicated. With the advances of digital technology most every professional photographer today is a digital photographer. Thus the roll of the photographer has changed as well, not only does the photographer have to possess skills behind the camera but must have an understanding of post production.

Today, I have happily embraced all the advantages of the digital age but have not forgotten my earlier career film sensibilities which to me means making things look as good as possible at the point of the photo shoot then using all the digital tools to later enhance the image. If that makes me an old school photographer, then I gladly accept that title as an old school photographer but working with modern tools to create up to date images.

Regardless of the challenge: commercial, editorial, corporate, business, financial, fashion , business portrait, beauty, travel and tourism, I enjoy that each opportunity offers something different from the next and comes with the possibility of learning and experiencing something new each time. I specialize in location photography, either scenic landscape, business, business editorial,  travel and tourism, business portraits, fashion and beauty I find there is something unique and exciting about using your environment to help create a visual landscape

My career as a photographer started in South Florida where I attended then graduated university with a B.A. in communications and continues today where I am originally from in Toronto, Ontario.